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Vibration after installing after market pipes (how to stop it not how to get it <G>)

Submitted by mikep82nd

I used neoprene washers between any metal to metal contact on the mounting bracket after the powershots were installed. The washers made a difference, had to get longer bolts as the washers added about 3/16" to the bolt reach.

Submitted by mike-o-matic (MBRubin2)

Vibration could be a lot of things, but one of the worst offenders is engine mount bolts. A tiny bit out of spec and you get a lot of vibration, espcially in the bars. I would check all the engine mount and frame bolts.

Submitted by Tynker (earlsharley)

I have had the same problem with all the aftermarket pipes I have installed over the years. This is the best cure. Use a hole opener bit,that goes to 3/4". Drill the Roadburner bracket,at the frame mounting holes out to 3/4". Then use 3 of the stock muffler grometts, with the steel sleeves that are in them. Insert with the washer side out, and bolt to the frame. Now your Roadburners are rubber mounted,and this will help a lot. I have done 4 V2K's like this for myself and friends and it works very well.

I did not have to remove the pipes just the mounting bracket. I drilled the holes out to 3/4", inserted the grommetts, reinstalled the bracket to the pipes and frame. I did this with Cobra 2 into 1 HP and my Roadburners. I have also done it my friend's Cobra Slashdowns and they all worked great.