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Replace the Stock Shock

The stock shock on the V2K is for most riders completely inadequate. It tends to bottom easily and pogo in hard bumpy corners. Replacing it can really change the handling dramatically for the better. Progressive has started making 465 shocks for the V2K again in both stock and 1" lower designs. They also offer remote adjustment of the preload. Another option is the Ohlins shock but they are a lot more expensive.

Phat Performance currently has the best price I've found for the 465 shock.

A nice write-up by gmgale on the Vulcan Forum tells you how to...

Easy to do - pop off the seat / side covers.  Put jack under bike to take weight off rear tire/rear of shock.  Unbolt rear of shock slide bolt out (reason for jack make the weight "neutral")  

I used a long extension and sockets to take the top bolt out -- may need long punch -- push rod to push bolt out (reason to take off side covers). Pull the old shock out.

(TIP-- look at the old unit and set the preload spring to the same setting before you put the new shock in place-- count threads showing-- adjust as needed.  up or down. may save on adjusting when in bike.... the adjustment rings are on the other end of the shock from a stock unit... and a bit of a pain to adjust then.) 

Install front bolt --- raise /lower jack (if needed)] to install rear bolt. Take to test ride --- adjust preload/rebound as needed.   E-Z- put side cover/seat back on :)