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Resistor Mod Instructions - this mod is supposed to work on later models but not as well - click on a picture for any larger view. Thanks to partong aka (Nitrous Turbo V2K (NTV2K)) for being the first to offer a mod for this site.

OK, 48 degrees outside and did a 45 minute ride.  Well, BIG gains in all gears, screaming gains in first three gears.  My sensor measured 537 ohms in 5th and now it is a constant 432 for all gears.  NO ERROR CODES AT ALL!!!!  Here ya go, it is worth the $0.25 resistor.


Resistor soldered - don't forget the shrink wrap to cover solder joints Resistor shrink wrapped - Connection made and wrapped
Connection wrapped Connection complete
Oh, it only took 20 minutes.... Greg