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What the $%&# is that rattling?!?!

Vulcan 2000 owners with the big headlight have been asking this question since the darn things rolled out in 2004. There seem to be several culprits and we'll take a quick look at all and suggest a few fixes for you. Thanks to the folks over at the Delphi Vulcan forum for most of these suggestions

  1. Check the wires. The wires and plugs inside the headlight should be bundled up nice and tight... sometimes not so much. So check to see they are neatly bundled and maybe even tape them up so it impossible for them to move around while on a bumpy road.

  2. Aiming screw bushings - these can be too loose allowing the headlight itself to rattle around in the nacelle (big chrome thingy). Some have removed the bushings and simply tightened the mounting screws just enough to firmly hold the lense without binding it up. Could be tough to do but worth a shot.

  3. Another option for the above rattle is to put foam into the headlight bucket to keep any contact with the metal surrounding the headlight from happening. Watch for overheating if you try this one.

  4. Putting something soft between the bottom of the headlight and the nacelle rim works pretty well. This can any kind of packing such as tape, rubber tubing, even foam from a "pool noodle". Pack in short strips using a small flat blade screw driver being careful not to scratch the chrome.

  5. Finally, one I just saw posted by Shaft on the Delphi Vulcan forum sounds good to me since it included... CHROME and even better, no disassembly required! Take some chrome automotive door trim and work it around the leading edge of the nacelle. This does two things - stops the rattle by eliminating contact plus it fills in the gap between the nacelle and headlight. Excellent solution

  6. From Ryno on the Delphi Forum ...Sounds dumb, but just make sure it's not that before you move on to the headlight. I thought I had the headlight rattle, but accidentally discovered it wasn't the headlight; it was the ignition "ring" that goes immediately around the spot where the keyhole is in the ignition. Just grab that and cover the whole thing up with your hand to rule that out as your noise. I found the only way to fix my problem was spreading clear silicone around it.

  7. From Tomvn2k on the Delphi Forum - Remember that other things rattle too. The brake reservoir cover - bend it out a little so it doesn't rattle against the reserivoir inside. The 04's and maybe others - the top radiator mount. If it's loose, either wrap some wire around the grommet, or remove the bolt and spacer shaft then grind down the spacer about 1/8"

    Keys in the ignition will rattle and scratch the area... Check your helmet visor, haha.