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Front fork oil change

by Mike MikeOmatic (MBRubin2)

(Posted on 04/23/11) on the Kawasaki Vulcan Riders Forum

I have the cyclops head light plus My risers go thru a special nacell cover I made. So which ever bike you have you need to expose the triple tree. Once you have that done, remove the rubber dust covers, then using a 2 jaw gear puller push down on the top plug (note: you will NOT need to put a wrench on the puller). Just use hand pressure on the exposed tool nut, it will push the plug down enough to remove retainer spring. I use a small awl with a 90 deg bend, the sharp point allows you to "get under" the spring retainer easier. Then remove the spacer, washer and spring. There will be a ton of "gunk" on the spring. Clean it well.

You will need about 40" of copper refrigerant or ice maker copper tubing, (I think it's about 1/4" dia) then use plastic tubing to connect the copper to the intake of pump. Then more plastic tubing to go from other side of pump (waste). It is very important to measure how much oil you pump out so you know how much to pur back in each tube. It should be 550ML exactly, for each side.

Make sure you have a good quality pump. I used what I had (model airplane stuff, very high quality).

Put back 550ML oil each side, replace spring,washer and spacer, use puller to compress plug replace spring, TA-DA.

While its true there will be some "dirty cling" on the cyl walls I think it is minimunm its not that big a deal to me.

Alternative option

by Tom tomvn2k

(Posted on 04/23/11) on the Kawasaki Vulcan Riders Forum

With the Wheel and fender off, and the  forks unclamped, I put a socket between bars and that top plate under there, then lowered the bike down so the forks sat on a bucket to let the forks slide back up and depress that plate, then worked the bejasus clip out. Slowly raised bike and removed both forks.

Being it takes 2 quarts ( or liters ) of fork oil to use a mix - I used 15/20. lots of oil left, so I filled some, pumped the shocks, dumped oil, a few times, until "clear enough"

To measure, one can just use a tape measure, what was it, 8" to top of tower? Whatever the manual says...