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Miscellaneous Documents in Adobe PDF format

I am working on getting updated versions of the manual that will include the Classic and LT models. The manual below is for the '04 model but will still have most of what an owner of a newer model will need.

V2K Manual - '04?

Adobe pdf - 13.1 mb

I located a guy who has reproductions of factory manuals for a lot of bikes including the V2K. His e-mail is He had one for my 2008 Classic - $35.00 shipped and it is a bound paper manual. Send him a note - see if he has one for your model.

He now has an online store and even better prices.

Update: It appears EMonk's site host is down and some of the links below are not working. I am trying to locate this information to add here so if you have any of the fixes listed below and want to contribute - any help is welcome. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The following documents/pages are on EMonk's well done Vulcan Tips and Tricks site and are included so as not to duplicate work done by others. Lots of good mods and tips located on his site.

Working Links
HOW-TO vn2000 oil change by tensman1 Adobe pdf (764k)
Recommended Wire Size Chart
Great general guide to changing motorcycle tires by Adam Glass
Euro gear install
What the $%&# is that rattling?!?! - Fix ideas
So you're going to do some wiring (wiring chart and discussion)
Currently non-working links
Front Axle Nut
Laydown License Plate
Headlight Ring Stripped Threads Fix
Debaffled stock pipes
Rear Pulley Bearing Replacement
Rear Pulley Replace 2004-2005 bearing with 2006 version