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Welcome to the home of the Vulcan 2000 AKA the V2K.

This site is dedicated to folks on all the forums who help one another with information, mods and friendship. Without the people who are willing to share their hard earned knowledge with the rest of us, caring for our bikes would be much harder, more expensive... and certainly not as much fun!

I got started with the forums when I bought a Suzuki VL1500LC a few years ago. I had been off bikes for a few years and away from wrenching for several decades. Being a bit of geek, I immediately hit the 'Net to see what I could learn about this big monster I had just aquired. I came across Moccasin Mike's site called Mocc's Place that led me to the Suzuki LC 1500/C90 forum.

I met a lot of great, helpful and interesting folks there who made me feel welcome and didn't laugh or complain when I asked questions even when they had been asked many times before. I was shown sites that had answers, pictures, instructions and tips as well as simple good advice from fellow riders/owners. Because of all the help I received I modded, repaired, maintained and rode my bike through 38000 plus miles with almost no problems.V2K_bagger

I traded my Suzuki in June of 2008 for a '08 Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 Classic  and found the Kawasaki Vulcan forum with the same kinds of helpful people. There are some pages with lots of helpful info (Gadget's and EMonk's to name a couple) but most info seems to be not easy to locate, for other models or outdated. That's how the idea for this site came about - riders helping other riders.

If you have a tip you'd like to share, a maintenance procedure you know others will use, or maybe a mod you think is cool - feel free to drop me a note and I'll add it to the site.  Credit is given where credit is due - I won't take your ideas - they are yours and you get full credit.  Help out your fellow V2K riders and maybe they can help you too!

Ride safe and smart -- Dave "ZLRider" Acker

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